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Some of you reading this for the first time might be wondering. What does the virus have to do with one squirty little mosquito? Well, quite a lot, actually. Just ask your local mosquito control navarre technician and he should pretty much be able to explain this to you in not so many words. Speaking of which, this short article will do just that. Briefly explain to you what the current COVID-19 virus and the mosquito species have in common.

It has already been found that the last major pandemic was pretty much the same as this one. It is just that not many people had noticed. Because at that time people were far too preoccupied with the Great Depression and no less than two great wars. Millions of lives were lost. But it is now being reported that millions more could have been lost as a result of the Spanish Flu. Even so, people still wish to know.

Just what does two great virus pandemics have to do with mosquitoes. You need to go even further back in history now. You can even go as far back as the early years of independence where even then the country’s first great president was forced to flee what was then known as the Yellow Fever. Now after the dust had settled on that one, the painstaking work of unravelling just where the virus came from had only just begun.

And years later it was found that if it were not the tiniest of fleas that were known carriers of the virus, it could have been the mosquito. Scientists had been studying fossilized specimens and made their discoveries. Today of course, mosquitoes are known carriers of malaria. They could be carriers of this virus too.