Paying your loan debts is an important part of any successful budgeting plan. Various strategies are used which you can efficiently do so. One of these is the debt snowballing strategy. With banks like columbia bank Marlboro, you can get various loans to help you reach your goals.

By using a debt snowballing strategy, you will be able to organize your payments. This can lead to paying your loan off promptly. Here’s how you can use the debt snowballing strategy to gain a sense of control over your loans.

What you should know about the debt snowballing strategy

The idea is to pay your debts off in ascending order, building momentum similar to a snowball. You will have to pay the smallest first and then go on to the next smallest payment. To do this, you will have to order all the payments you have to make.

Put the smallest payment first and the largest one at the very end. Pay attention to just the balance. You can ignore the interest rates and other features of the loan.

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Get done with the Minimums

The minimums keep you away from fees and penalties. Pay this first so that you can avoid any such fees in the future. This will also keep you from damaging your credit score. Any extra money that you save each month should be directed to the first list on your debt snowballing strategy.

Proceed down the list

Note that the minimums will repeat throughout the loan cycle. Pay the minimums and pay attention to the second item on your list. You can now proceed further in the same way.


This strategy is especially useful if you have many loan payments to make. Using the debt snowballing strategy, you can pay your smallest loan off and then proceed to the other loans on your list.